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Rapid Test Designer (NXG1320C)

The Rapid Test Designer (RTD), coupled with Anritsu’s preeminent range of mobile system simulators has been adopted by the world’s leading device makers and network operators as the unsurpassed solution for rapidly testing and debugging wireless mobile device signaling.

Solution Overview

The RTD software, used in conjunction with one or more Anritsu signaling units provides 3 core functions:

1. Custom Test Design

Quickly and easily create your own bespoke tests in a flowchart-based test design environment.

2. Mobile Network Simulation

Configure one or more base station simulators and control the messages exchanged with the Device Under Test (DUT).

3. Protocol Analysis

Best-in-class protocol analysis capabilities allow you to easily analyze test procedures and messages to pinpoint and fix complex protocol issues.

Description of Basic Operation


Create tests quickly by dragging and connecting signaling blocks to define the test flow.


Execute a single test, or an extensive, automated regression campaign.


Use RTD’s protocol analyzer to easily pinpoint the cause of any issues.

Key Features

RTD controls one, or more Anritsu signaling testers to simulate complex mobile networks. Anritsu signaling testers have an unsurpassed reputation for stability and reliability. System configuration is tailored to your requirements based on required technologies and the number of simulated cells. RTD’s floating (network-based) license option allows you to dramatically cut costs through efficient multi-user operation.