Management Team

Mr. S.S. Bhowmick
CEO & Founder

S.S.Bhowmick has about 16 years of experience in the Telecom and Mobile industry. He founded Nex-G Exuberant Solutions in 2002. Prior to founding Nex-G, He worked in TeNet Group (JV of Midas Communications & IIT Chennai), Convergelabs as a Group lead from where he has a patent pending against his name. He played a major role in building a 100 member team at Convergelabs. He also worked at startup level with Spatial Wireless, which was later acquired by Alcatel-Lucent, he played a phenomenal role in deploying the 2G/3G Wireless Softswitch solution at China Telecom in Shanghai & Beijing, GISIL devices, he played a big role in building CDMA based POS device from concept to deployment, He also lead Mobile Internet Ltd UK's development center in India and was responsible to deliver solutions for managing networks of global satellite communication providers like Inmarsat etc.

He is awarded Udyog Rattan by Institute of Economic Studies (IES).


Mr. Nilin Dixit
Director (UAE)

Nilin Dixit has about 14 years of experience in the International Business Development. He is cofounder and Business Strategy Advisor of Nex-G. He is a Post graduate in International Business Management and Contracts Management and Prior to founding Nex-G, he worked with well established Brand names and Forbes listed company. He also started Software Development Company in year 2000. He is now playing major role in developing International Business Unit of Nex-G.